Between-Cycle Review and Support



In this package we will go through everything that has happened to date - all of your treatment right from the start. 

We will jot down your questions, worries and concerns

(Are we doing everything we could be doing?? Have we missed anything that might help? should we really keep going??)


I'll go away and talk to all of my advisors

(Fertility Specialists, Geneticists, Reproductive Biologists, Nurses, GPs, Allied Health Practitioners, Adjunct Therapists - all the peeps!) 

I'll even chat to your fertility specialists if you want me to!


After all my research, I'll come back to you with a plan and then I'll walk with you while we tick everything off the list and get to the bottom of what can be done, and what can't, and why... 


I'll be with you every step of the way, by phone, by text, even for a quick coffee if that's what you need. 


You will feel safe, supported and cared for all the way!

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