"We were feeling very lost and confused about our fertility concerns prior to meeting with Lucy. Since our first interaction, we felt like we were in good hands with an incredible resource to help us through the process and consider our options. 


We are so grateful for Lucy's time, advice and wonderful approach and would highly recommend Lucy to anyone feeling lost in their fertility journey." – Name withheld.

Fertility treatment can bring more questions than answers



You might have asked yourself questions like: 


Am I doing everything I could be doing?

Have we missed anything that might help us to conceive? 

Should we consider fertility treatment? 

or: Is it even worth continuing fertility treatment? 



Between-Cycle Review and Support will show you what can be done, what can't (and why) between cycles - whether you are trying naturally or with assisted conception, to support your chances of conceiving.


Feel safe and supported every step of the way


Let's begin by exploring everything - your treatment to date, any questions, worries, or concerns.

I'll talk with my advisors: fertility specialists, geneticists, reproductive biologists, nurses, GPs, allied health practitioners, adjunct therapists. Think of them as your extended cheer squad!


I can chat with your fertility specialist too if you like.


After this, you'll receive your Between-Cycle Review and Support Plan. Based on my professional research, your plan will detail: 

  • What can or can't be done

  • Provide support between cycles

  • Give you the best chance of conceiving.


And I'll be with you every step of the way via phone, text, or for a quick coffee.

What does Between-Cycle Review and Support include?


​Like all of my packages, your Between Cycle Review package includes:

So how does it work?

'Where Are We At?' - 1 x 60-minute consultation

We'll discuss:

  • all your cycles so far.  How many eggs were collected, what was the sperm like? fertilisation? embryo development? blastulation? did they do PGS? What did it all mean?? (its ok if you don't have your medical records yet, we can talk about your recollection and jot some questions down for next time)

  • We'll talk about Nutrition and Lifestyle factors that can influence egg and sperm health, which will in turn influence embryo health and ultimately - help you get that baby!

  • Current treatment - are you lining up for more treatment? is it the same? different?


I'll send you links to access all of the eLearning and to join the VIP group


‘The Plan’ - 1 x 60-minute consultation 

  • My professional summary and review of all of that previous history

  • Feedback from specialists I've chatted to (with your permission)

  • Discussion around whether it's time to ask for different help.  We can talk about if you're seeing the right specialist for your needs

  • We'll go back over all the information I gave you about nutrition and lifestyle and talk about anything extra that you could be doing that might help your situation - improving egg health, sperm health, mindset

  • Next steps - what can you do from here? what might help? what wont?



‘The Review’ - 1 x 30-minute consultation

This consultation explores:

  • How you are going so far

  • Moving forward - where to from here?



  • Phone/text and email access to me between all the calls

  • Access to the exclusive online VIP group for 1 month



Because of the intense nature of this package, I can only commit to limited numbers each month.




Between-Cycle Review and Support




Limited bookings available

Between-Cycle Review and Support




Limited bookings available

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