Why is it so easy for everyone else?


Maybe you're at the beginning of trying to conceive, and you need some extra guidance and troubleshooting to understand the processes. 


Perhaps you've approached your GP? maybe seen an Ob/Gyn? or perhaps you've actually had a few cycles of IVF already.


You don't know what you really want - you just know you need something, someONE who can understand what you're doing and help you work out what to do next.

The Basic bundle is perfect for you if you just don't know where to turn next

Limited bookings available

Basic Bundle 






What's included in the Basic Bundle?


This bundle is completely tailorable to wherever you happen to be in the journey - we can discuss all things natural fertility, we can talk about pregnancy after miscarriage, I can chat to you about your last cycle or your next cycle of IVF - Is it time to switch specialists? Should you try PGS?

We can even talk about what assisted conception involves, what you can expect from Fertility Treatment.  We can go through all of the acronyms and breakdown some of those myths.  If you DO end up needing fertility treatment (or even if you're already having it) you will go into your next treatment cycle informed, empowered, educated and supported all the way

​Your Basic Bundle includes:

  • THREE 1 hour video chats ($450)

  • Access to eLearning modules

    • Why aren't we pregnant yet parts 1 and 2​ ($94)

    • Who and When to ask for help ($15)


How does the Basic Bundle work?


Step One: Book in your first 60 minute chat

We'll start with a face-to-face consultation (via Zoom these days) to establish your 'story', your current situation and what you've done so far. 


We might talk about:

  • Understanding your body and pin-pointing your fertile window

  • Diet, health, and exercise to help balance your hormones

  • Tips on avoiding things that mess with your hormones (and therefore, your fertility)

  • Possible tests your GP could request - and which ones are a waste of time

  • Or maybe we'll talk about your IVF cycles so far


(if there are questions I can't answer - this is when I'll head off and check in with all of my experts so that I am armed with the answers next time we meet!)

After we've chatted, I'll send you the links to access the eLearning modules


Step Two: another 60 minute chat 'what more can we do?'

We'll meet again and have a refresher of what we covered last time


  • Walking step by step through all of your questions

  • Finding problems you can solve without specialist support - things to do more of and less of

  • Discussing if there is someone else you should see: GP? Fertility Specialist? Naturopath? Nutritionist?



Step Three: our final 60 minute chat 'Where to from here'  

It's time to explore how everything is going.


Once we've covered off all of your questions, I can help you consider who or where to turn to next. 

  • Which fertility specialist might be best suited to you if you feel like you're ready for the next step/ready for a second opinion - what kinds of questions should you ask, and how can you work out who is going to be best for you?

  • What you could expect next if you DO seek fertility treatment


This bundle is for you if:

You think one chat might not cover it all, and you would like the added bonus of access to the online learning modules

You want someone knowledgable to talk to about your fertility

You feel like you could do with a bit of extra guidance and support



This bundle is NOT for you if you think you would also like:

Access to the VIP group

Access to the Egg and Sperm Health Guide

Help Choosing a Fertility Specialist

Embryology Review of previous cycles

A written information pack or report

Phone/email/DM support between zooms


Limited bookings available

Basic Bundle


DID YOU KNOW… Stress has been shown to impact fertility - mostly by making people give up too soon

"I'm so glad that I decided to get in contact with you. The knowledge and support gained from you has given me so much more confidence through this journey. So from the bottom of my heart thank you!"- Sarah