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Two Lines Fertility

Lucy Lines, 

Two Lines Fertility

B.Ag.Sci., PGDip Repro.Sci


Independent Embryologist,
Fertility Educator,
IVF Patient Advocate

Fertility Education
Service of the year

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IVF and fertility support and advocacy*
*Independent of the big IVF Clinics


Best Fertility Service
European Fertility Society

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Helping you make the right decisions for you and your family  (Whether you're up to IVF yet or not!)


Once it seems like it's taking too long to conceive - things can get a bit overwhelming can't they?  I mean, you're an intelligent person right?  Why is it then, that you instantly feel like half your IQ points have been removed the minute you get into a medical consultation about fertility?


Just because you didn't study biology, doesn't mean you can't understand what's going on and be able to make informed choices along the way - without spending hours on Dr Google!

As a fertility Professional, I am committed to offering you INDEPENDENT and informed guidance and support to help you feel like you're back in the drivers seat (with no affiliations to the big IVF clinics) - knowing what's going on, understanding treatment decisions and having someone knowledgeable to turn to can make ALL the difference in your emotional well-being

I have e-courses, 1:1 consultations, books and resources and a COMMUNITY of others travelling the same pathway to help you feel empowered and in control as you build your family - however that looks for you.

Overwhelmed? start with The IVF Support Membership - just $47 a month and you can cancel anytime.

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Where are you up to?

No matter where you're up to in your fertility journey - Lucy can help!

Whether you're considering freezing your eggs, you're about to start trying for a family, about to start IVF or right in the thick of it - there are things you are not being told and things that are going to make your journey easier and hopefully even shorter!

Feeling a bit like IVF is completely sh*t?

Come get some clarity and community in The IVF WTF Membership by Two Lines Fertility - just $47 AUD / month and you can cancel anytime

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Imagine having Fresh eyes to look over everything you've done so far and help you work out what to do next!

  • Feel more in control during your consultations

  • Feel like you actually understand your treatment

  • Know why it's being suggested (and why other things aren't).

  • Have a friendly, accessible professional by your side to calmly guide and support you through all those decisions.

About Lucy


Fertility Educator,

IVF patient advocate

I have held literally thousands of eggs and embryos and created hundreds (probably thousands!) of babies - I can help you too!


I know the who, what, why, where, and how of fertility and IVF.
As an experienced embryologist (IVF scientist), fertility educator (APAC Fertility Educator of the Year 2022!!) and guide to all things fertility, I've assessed 100's of 1000s of eggs, sperm and embryos.  I've helped to create literally thousands of families and been supporting women and couples on their fertility journeys for over 20 years.

I am also a recurrent miscarriage survivor, having been through 5 pregnancy losses I am incredibly grateful to now be a Mum to two not-so-small-anymore people.  I conceived spontaneously at 43 years old (after 7 years of recurrent pregnancy loss) and the things I learned about fertility, pregnancy and LIFE along the way can help you too.

I have helped hundreds of women and men just like you to:

- Troubleshoot their fertility and see where things might be going wrong
- Feel confident and calm as they go through fertility treatment 
- Make all those on-the-fly decisions
- Know which way to turn next - to feel SEEN, Heard and Supported

You got this, and I got YOU

Reduce the stress and anxiety of fertility and IVF treatment

Fertility and IVF support and guidance

Whether you're beginning your fertility journey, about to start IVF, between IVF cycles, or currently in-cycle

"Trying to conceive our second child took longer than we expected and after some unusual cycles. [Lucy] was able to explain the nitty gritty of conception and reproductive health in a straightforward way and offered us advice and guidance. We happily conceived after two sessions."



"We are in the early stages of 'what to do next' following our miscarriage last month. I was feeling overwhelmed about how best to move forward. So, I reached out to Two Lines Fertility and am over the moon that I did! . Having someone in your corner to support you feels liberating."


"Lucy got us in touch with the right specialist which turned our whole situation around. We went from being in the depths of despair to feeling hopeful, and eventually the greatest joy in the world - twins."


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