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Maybe you are right at the beginning and can't quite remember what you were taught in year 9 biology about the birds and the bees?... you know how it's supposed to work in theory... but it just doesn't seem to be working out like it does in the movies! 


Maybe all you need is a little bit of extra guidance and troubleshooting to help understand the processes.  Did you know that the average fertile 30yo woman only has about a 20-25% chance of conceiving naturally in any given cycle??  it's amazing anyone ever gets pregnant! 


You might want to try some more natural methods first, and depending on your age and what it is that you want to try - I can help you work out what's going to be most useful for you - maybe some reflexology? perhaps a naturopath? maybe some acupuncture will help.

It could be that you are starting to think about seeking help from a fertility specialist.  Did you know that most of them run private Gynaecology practices too?  so a referral to a fertility specialist at an IVF clinic doesn't always mean you'll be starting IVF right away... there are lots of other things they might try first... but did you know that there are almost 60 fertility specialists just in Melbourne - how will you choose who to see??

If this is you, the Getting Started Package will be right for you. 

In the getting started package we will talk all things 'timing' related, we'll talk about cycles, periods, exercise, health and .... eeek.. do I dare say it *relaxation* and stress relief... believe it or not, all of these things contribute to your ability to conceive.

We'll also talk about the raw ingredients needed for baking a baby - sperm, eggs, uterus etc.... and how we can make sure that we have all the right ingredients ready at the right time.


We'll start with an initial consultation (we can do that via Zoom if that suits you better) to find out where you're at and what you've done so far. 

I will then go away and put a package together for you {that's right - a PLAN!} highlighting some tips and tricks tailored to your situation.   This may include some advice and ideas around timing, diet, health and exercise, maybe some tests your GP can request and perhaps a visit to an allied health practitioner


We'll meet again and go through it step by step (I prefer to do this one face-to-face if possible, at your home, in a cafe, somewhere you feel comfortable)

Then we can stay in touch for a few weeks, texts, messages, emails, phone calls, whatever support you need. 


If you're not successful after a while (and we can work out together how long you want that 'while' to be) then I can help you work out who to turn to next, line you up with a fertility specialist best suited to you.... because I know them, I can often help you skip their waiting times and get you in within a couple of weeks!

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