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Worried, stressed, or confused about your fertility treatment?



Day 1. Day 3. Day 5. Mature eggs. Fertilisation results. Syngamy. PGS. PGT. Amplifying cells. Two cells. Four cells. Eight cells. Compacting. Cavitating. Blastulation. Collapsed. Hatching. Freeze-all. OHSS…


It’s little wonder people need additional in-cycle support.


As a qualified embryologist with some 20 years working in and for fertility clinics worldwide – not to mention fertility struggles of my own – I understand the emotional rollercoaster that is fertility treatment. 


And I’m here to support you.



In-Cycle Support is a customised service to support you during fertility treatment


Want me to come with you to your fertility specialist appointment? I’ll be there.

Need to debrief over a coffee after your appointments? I’ll order ahead.

Forgot what time to take your trigger? Just ask me.

Want to phone me from the car on the way home? I’m all ears.

Received a call from the lab but unsure what they meant? I’ll decode the doctor-speak.

Stuck in the dreaded two-week wait? I’m here for you.

In-Cycle Support means less stress, less confusion, and no more Dr. Google!


In-Cycle Support


*The personalised nature of my services (there’s only one of me)

means this service has limited availability



What can I expect from In-Cycle Support? 



Your first In-Cycle Support consultation will help us get to know each other. We’ll discuss your previous history right up to your current situation, and what the plans are for the next few weeks.

We'll talk about diet, exercise, lifestyle, and priming yourself for egg collection. We’ll also explore strategies that’ll help you with some of the tough stuff that’s coming.


In-Cycle Support package inclusions (as needed):

  • Personal attendance at your fertility specialist consultations as requested

  • ‘Debrief chat’ with me after your fertility specialist appointments and/or treatment

  • Professional advice specific to your unique situation

  • Phone, text and email access to me for 6 weeks, or from the time from cycle start to pregnancy test

  • Phone consultations with your fertility specialist and other providers as necessary

  • Review plus ‘where to from here?’ consultation at the end of the cycle (after pregnancy test)


In-Cycle Support includes a minimum of 3 informal face-to-face consultations, plus phone, text, or email support, and can be fully tailored to suit your needs.






In-Cycle Support





*The personalised nature of my services (there’s only one of me)

means this service has limited availability

“I met Lucy through family at a very sensitive and emotional time in our lives. We had some difficulties getting pregnant, and at that stage we were seeing a specialist who was not helping us with our infertility issues… Lucy got us in touch with the right specialist which turned our whole situation around.


We went from being in the depths of despair to feeling hopeful, and eventually the greatest joy in the world (twins).


Within this period I had weekly chats with Lucy to help understand and interpret what was going on. Lucy's expert, honest, pragmatic, sensitive and often witty approach to this delicate situation helped us enormously. I will forever remember the role Lucy played in helping us to have the family we wished for.” - Simon W

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