In-Cycle Support



We'll start with an hour (at least) where we can chat and get to know each other - in this hour we will cover all of your previous history right up to your current situation... and what the plans are for the next few weeks.

We'll talk diet and exercise,  and priming yourself for egg collection... we'll also talk strategies for dealing with some of the tough stuff thats coming...

After that, this package is completely tailor-made

- want me to come to your fertility specialist appointments with you? Done!

-want to meet me for coffee after your appointments? Done!

- forgot what time to take your trigger? Done!

- want to send me a message/phone me from the car on the way home? Done!

- got a call from the lab and don't know what they meant? Call me!

Getting confused about day 1? day 3? day 5? Call me!

Mature eggs? fertilisation results? syngamy? PGS? PGT? Amplifying cells? 2 cells? 4 cells? 8 cells? complacting? cavitating? blastulation? collapsed? hatching? freeze all? OHSS?

Stuck in the dreaded two week wait (#tww), adrift on an ocean of google searches? Stop googling and call me!

I love this package! I'm here, I get it and I can support you!

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