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If only falling pregnant was like the birds and the bees

Even if you can't remember year nine biology, you know how getting pregnant works in theory, right? but things don't always happen like they do in the movies! 


Maybe you're at the beginning of trying to conceive, and you need some extra guidance and troubleshooting to understand the processes... or perhaps you're already 3 IVF cycles in and wondering where to turn next...


You’re smart, right?  and it’s 2022… you can *learn* what you need to know, can't you?  


Sure, you could spend 1,782 hours with Dr Google, and YouTube’ing free fertility videos and interviews on YouTube, or you may even find a free webinars from a Fertility Clinic (and wade your way through the PR and marketing to find the bits that apply to you) …


*or* you could get individual, personalised, professional INDEPENDENT guidance and support - like your very own Dr Google!

DID YOU KNOW… Less than 50% of women referred to a fertility specialist end up having IVF

I’ll teach you the bits that your health-ed teacher missed out (do you really know when is actually the right time to try to conceive?), I’ll help you work out what might be going wrong, and how we can get it to go right and (if you need it) I’ll help you to get in front of the fertility specialist who can actually help you (not just sell you a whole lot of treatments you don't really need)


I will reduce the time (hours) you’ll spend on free YouTube training and late night google searches.  I’ll correct the wrong’s that marketing teams are ‘selling’ to you in the guise of the ‘next amazing thing’


I will make sure that you’re feeling empowered to know what to do > with which specialist > why > why not.


Literally? … this is what you’ve been looking for!

Perhaps you're keen to try some more natural methods first, but you're unsure which ones will be most effective for you. Reflexology? Naturopathy? Acupuncture? Hypnotherapy?

Or, you might be considering seeking help from a fertility specialist. A referral to a fertility specialist at an IVF clinic doesn't always mean you'll start IVF right away. And with almost 60 fertility specialists in Melbourne alone, how will you choose?


As an experienced clinical embryologist (IVF scientist), I've assessed 100's of 1000's of embryos, I've helped to create thousands of families and I've been supporting women and couples on their fertility journeys for 20 years.

I know I can help you too

Are you in any of these situations?


We're just starting out:

Everything they didn't teach you about pregnancy and fertility at school​.

We think we might need IVF:

Before you spend thousands on IVF - make sure you're giving it the BEST chance of working by being FULLY prepared before you start.

We've had some IVF cycles with no luck:

Had fertility treatments without a result? Let's see what's working, what's not, and what to do next.

We're about to start a cycle and we're not sure how we're going to cope:

It's okay to need additional support during a fertility treatment cycle.

This button will take you to my booking app where you can sign up for your one on one membership

"We were feeling very lost and confused about our fertility concerns prior to meeting with Lucy. Since our first interaction, we felt like we were in good hands with an incredible resource to help us through the process and consider our options. 


We are so grateful for Lucy's time, advice and wonderful approach and would highly recommend Lucy to anyone feeling lost in their fertility journey."

– Sam, Manchester UK

" I honestly don’t think we would have got through our stim cycle as well mentally without your support. Knowing what was happening in my body, what to expect next and having access to you instead of google has been more valuable than I ever imagined. I don’t know how people get through IVF without your guidance and programs, because the clinic barely told us any of what you did!"

– Jacinta, Melbourne Australia


Your Membership

  • Access to all of the Masterclasses

  • Access to the VIP group for the duration of your membership

  • Access to partner support

  • Help choosing a specialist

  • Weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with me (4 x one hour and 4 x half hour)

  • e-Book 'Preparing for Conception' full of all the information you need to Nurture, Nourish and Protect those 'raw materials' that are going to create your baby

  • Phone, text and email support whenever you need it for the duration of your membership


DID YOU KNOW… The average fertile 30-year old woman has only a 20-25% chance of conceiving naturally in any given cycle? It's amazing that anyone ever gets pregnant! 

What's included?


Let's discuss all things timing-related: - cycles, periods, exercise, health, and (dare say it?!) *relaxation* and stress relief.


Believe it or not, all of these contribute to your ability to conceive.

​We'll also talk about the raw ingredients needed for baking a baby - sperm, eggs, uterus, etc. and how to make sure you have the right ingredients ready at the right time.

We'll talk about A.R.T - what is it? Depending on where you're up to, we can even talk about all your cycles so far.  How many eggs were collected, what was the sperm like? fertilisation? embryo development? blastulation? did they do PGT? What did it all mean?? (it's ok if you don't have your medical records yet, we can talk about your recollection and jot some questions down for next time)

In these calls you will also get my unique style of 'no-bullshit' coaching (although I HATE calling it that!).  
It took me 10 years of 'trying' to build my family, through infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, I learnt some stuff and I'm more than happy to pass it on.


You might have asked yourself questions like: 


Am I doing everything I could be doing?

Have we missed anything that might help us to conceive? 

Should we consider fertility treatment? 

or: Is it even worth continuing fertility treatment? 



So, how does it work?


You can jump straight in and start your membership whenever you are ready (just click the button above).  Once you've signed up, you'll get an email from me with information about how to book our first one-on-one chat, where we can meet and you can tell me your story.  We can talk about all the things you've done so far and start to think about how we want our time together to look and then we take it from there!

If you're not quite ready to sign up for a membership, but you'd like to chat to me first, you can start with a one-off appointment - one hour with me in the hotseat - any questions, any ponderings, literally anything at all about fertility - I'm here to give you whatever information I can in an hour - I'll send you an email afterwards with a recording of our chat plus a bit of a summary of what we've talked about and some ideas about next steps - and I'm here for questions afterwards via email for 7 days - you can book that HERE

(if you go with a one-off first, I can credit the cost of that appointment towards any of the bundles, and if you get pregnant during the time we're working together - your payments stop straight away! - unless of course you want that extra support during early pregnancy)

Why do I need this help?

All the things you do, every day, have the potential to impact the health of your eggs and sperm...  and anything that impacts the health of your eggs and sperm, impacts the health of your embryos, your chances of conceiving (naturally AND with IVF) and the health of your baby at the end of it all​ (want to read more about preconception health head here)

Inside the professional fertility support membership we will:

  • go in-depth into the things you can do to make sure that the raw ingredients for a baby (those eggs and sperm) are the best quality they can possibly be

  • Make sure you are in the most tip-top shape you can be - mentally and physically, before you start

  • Make sure you feel empowered, educated and informed if you are heading into a treatment cycle


Step One: Book your first chat (60 minutes) - 'where are we at?'

We'll start with a face-to-face consultation (via Zoom these days) to establish your 'story', your current situation and what you've done so far. 

I'll send you


Step Two: Book another chat (60 minutes again) 'what more can we do?'

We'll meet again and go through all the information you have gathered since we met last, including:


  • Walking step by step through any questions that came up when you were watching the videos and identifying the things that will help

  • Finding problems you can solve without specialist support - things to do more of and less of

  • Discussing if there is someone else you should see: a different GP or Fertility Specialist? Naturopath? Chinese Medicine Doctor? Nutritionist? Hypnotherapist?


Step Three: Another 60 minute 'follow up' chat  

It's time to explore how everything is going.


I can help you consider who or where to turn to next. 

  • If you think you might want to change specialists - how to choose

  • If you're about to have an egg collection and not sure what to expect

  • If you've just got some information from the lab you don't quite understand

  • Which fertility specialist might be best suited to you, what kinds of questions you should ask when you're looking for your perfect fit

  • How long you should continue trying before seeking extra help - with a Fertility Specialist/Consultant/ Reproductive Endocrinologist


Step Four, five, six and MORE: Book as many more chats as you want, as you need them!

Once you're part of the Two Lines Fertility Individual Membership, we can stay in touch via texts, messages, emails, or phone - whatever support you need, as you need it


Worried, stressed, or confused about your fertility treatment?



Day 1. Day 3. Day 5. Mature eggs. Fertilisation results. Syngamy. PGS. PGT. Amplifying cells. Two cells. Four cells. Eight cells. Compacting. Cavitating. Blastulation. Collapsed. Hatching. Freeze-all. OHSS…


It’s little wonder people need additional support.


As a qualified embryologist with more than 20 years working in and for fertility clinics worldwide – not to mention fertility struggles of my own – I understand the emotional rollercoaster that is fertility treatment. 


And I’m here to support you.



all of my support is customised, designed to support you, wherever you are up to


Want me to come with you to your fertility specialist appointment? I’ll be there.

Need to debrief over a coffee after your appointments? I’ll order ahead.

Forgot what time to take your trigger? Just ask me.

Want to phone me from the car on the way home? I’m all ears.

Received a call from the lab but unsure what they meant? I’ll decode the doctor-speak.

Stuck in the dreaded two-week wait? I’m here for you.

Two Lines Fertility Support means less stress, less confusion, and no more Dr. Google!

This button will take you to my booking app where you can sign up for one on one your membership

This button will take you to my booking app where you can sign up for your one on one membership

This button will take you to my booking app where you can sign up for your membership

“I met Lucy through family at a very sensitive and emotional time in our lives. We had some difficulties getting pregnant, and at that stage we were seeing a specialist who was not helping us with our infertility issues… Lucy got us in touch with the right specialist which turned our whole situation around.


We went from being in the depths of despair to feeling hopeful, and eventually the greatest joy in the world (twins).


Within this period I had weekly chats with Lucy to help understand and interpret what was going on. Lucy's expert, honest, pragmatic, sensitive and often witty approach to this delicate situation helped us enormously. I will forever remember the role Lucy played in helping us to have the family we wished for.” 

- Simon W, Melbourne Australia

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