MindFul IVF

There is no denying that doing IVF is not what you wanted. But now that it looks like that's what's going to happen - let's make sure that you are as prepared as you can be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn't my IVF clinic/Fertility specialist be preparing me? Why do I need this?

Your clinic will give you information about your treatment plan, but unfortunately many patients feel unsupported and un-informed though-out their treatment. This is why we have created this program. This program will prepare you for IVF, help you understand your treatment, manage your expectations and give you actionable tools to support yourself and advocate for yourself throughout your treatment

Downloadable content

  • Workbook for the Science-y bits

  • IVF timeline you can download and stick on your fridge

  • Decision Tree to help with all of the on-the-fly decisions along the way

  • Resource guides for

    • Donation and Surrogacy

    • Miscarriage

    • Genetic Testing

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Downloadable content

  • Mindfulness workbooks

  • more than 14 Audio tracks covering every stage of your treatment

  • Reflection guides to help you process everything along the way

  • Live Meditation session

  • Journal prompts