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blue level R2 t0 decode I have an old JVC Everio for T0/T1/T2/T4 decoder, it has 48khz/32 bit kenel and 24khz/32 bit kerenl and model number: hk1123kf-v2-a2012. The problem is this thing is not working in the electronic store at all. I've already asked the manager, he doesn't know any thing about it. I found out that it needs a serial number from a original Everio and in it's remote control, the serial is HUJ01-B123 and they can send it. I'm going to order it tomorrow, but I'm wondering if it is possible to give it a serial number from another original Everio. My phone is a iPhone 5 and with iPhone iOS 8.0.4. Do you know how can I add the serial number HUJ01-B123 to the Everio, without removing it from the box? I also can't understand why this model can't work, it has 48khz/32 bit kerenl, the other one I told you before has 24khz/32 bit kerenl. I found out that the internal chip of the Everio has a serial number and a type of Remote, so I can add the chip serial to the computer by the software of JVC. It's HUJ01-A1062-REV0 (or another that I don't remember) but I can't add it. Hope it is useful. Thanks in advance. Edit: I also saw this, it will fit: Actually, the serial of the Everio I have is HUJ01-B123, but it has 24khz/32 bit kerenl (as you said), but it doesn't work. I contacted the manufacturer, and they have a new Everio, with 48khz/32 bit kerenl. They can send it to me in Germany and this is already on order. But I want to know if I can add a serial number from the Everio I have. It is not possible, but it is not important at all, it has a serial from the Everio I have and it is the




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