Lucinda Lines (Lucy) B.Ag.Sci.,Dip.Repro.Sci

Why did I start Two Lines Fertility?

To get BACK into the business of making BABIES not making money for shareholders! 

(although I do like to put food on the table

and my 20 years experience have cost me a bit!)


Offering fertility guidance and support to friends, and friends of friends is something I have been doing for close to 20 years now. 

I think most embryologists would agree with me - as soon as someone finds out you are an embryologist, everyone has questions!

I started my career as an embryologist with Monash IVF in Melbourne way back in 2001 and have since worked in Sweden, the UK, Ireland, and Germany and managed a lab for Monash IVF in Queensland.

I have visited and consulted in clinics throughout Europe and the UK as well as Australia.

During my career, I have become increasingly frustrated at the gaps in the treatment; the lack of support and guidance provided to people embarking on this enormous pathway. 

The assumption of general knowledge is wrong and so many of my clients say to me over and over again -

oh I WISH we had known about you when we were starting out - it would have all been so much easier!

I am incredibly fortunate and eternally grateful to have two children of my own, Imogen and Teddy, who were born 7 years

(and at least 4 miscarriages) apart.  


My youngest was born when I was 44 years old - a natural, spontaneous conception after I had completely given up hope of a sibling, and instead decided to focus on my health and on the family that I already had.


Looking back, I am absolutely convinced that the changes that I made in the 6 months before Teddy was conceived contributed directly to my ability to conceive and to the health of our little Teddy.

I also have 3 step children who are now in their 20's.

I love to learn and have attended 8 ESHRE conferences (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology) and countless FSA conferences and SIRT meetings (Fertility Society of Australia and Scientists In Reproductive Technology)

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