Why aren't we pregnant yet? 

Part One: Understanding your Fertility

Part one of this Masterclass covers:


Fertility Statistics

Finding your Fertile Window

What you need to make a baby

Things that can impact your fertility

Why aren't we pregnant yet? 

Part Two: Exploring options

Part two of this Masterclass covers:


Tests your GP could/should (or perhaps shouldn't) request

Things you NEED to do, and other things that could help

Bonus Module!  For the Launch period ONLY I will be offering:

Who and When to ask for help 

with every part two purchase

When is it going to be your turn?

Does it feel a bit like this 'getting pregnant' project that you embarked on AGES ago...

is taking MUCH longer than you thought it might?


Getting pregnant and having a baby isn't always as easy as we might be led to believe when we learn about reproduction at school - in fact, a lot of my clients feel cheated by the mis-leading information they've been given!

The frustration of repeated negative pregnancy tests combined with well-meaning inquiries from friends and family can make you feel like you're going to explode!

Don't worry!  I've got you!

With this 2-part Masterclass you will discover how to troubleshoot what might be going wrong, and how to optimise your chances of conception.

You will discover lifestyle changes that are really simple to make and will definitely increase your chances...

and, for a short time, I'm including a BONUS MODULE for free: Who and WHEN to ask for help!

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