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Have you been trying for a baby for a while?  wondering where to turn next?  or maybe you're already having treatment and struggling to understand what's going on, getting baffled by Dr Google and feeling overwhelmed?

There is help out there!  Help you can trust - have you thought about a fertility project manager? someone who can walk the path with you and guide you to the right help at the right time, and explain it all to you along the way? - that's what I do!

I am trained as an embryologist (IVF scientist) and I've worked with, and within, fertility clinics all over the world for almost 20 years.  I am an Inner-West Melbourne Mum, with my own less-than-perfect fertility journey and I can help you!

I have a brain full of knowledge and years of experience and I want to share them with you, to help you navigate what has become a major industry, full of board members and shareholders.


I like to meet informally, over a cuppa, with no waiting room and no time limits. 


With me in your corner, you will feel more in control, more relaxed, and more empowered to make the right choices for you and your family

The first consult is free, so we can both see if we're a good fit.  Click one of the links and find a time that suits you for an obligation free, cost free, video chat - from anywhere in the world :)

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Getting Started

Just starting out and not sure where to turn?

Find out what they didn't teach you about fertility at school

Start here with 3 face to face sessions and a written plan

Between Cycle Support

Had some fertility treatment, wondering what to do next? let me help you work out a plan - includes 3 face to face sessions, collaboration with other specialists and a written plan

In-cycle Support

Booked in for a fertility treatment cycle and know you'll need extra support?

Have me on standby for your whole treatment cycle - got questions at 6pm on a Saturday night?  I'll be there for you!

All packages include a minimum of 3 face to face chats (can also be done via video chat) and email/phone support when you need it. 

These packages can be tailored to suit your needs. 

I like to meet informally over a cuppa and avoid the word 'consultation' when I can

Not ready to commit?

Click here to book a free half hour chat

Ready to book?

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Choose a Specialist $49.95

So you've been to your GP,  you've had a heap of tests, now you're ready to take the next step and see a fertility specialist. 

You feel kinda like you've mostly got it covered... you just don't know WHO to see??


This is the service for you!


Fertility specialists are human you know :)   and just like all the other humans you've come across in your life - some appeal to some people more than others, taking your neighbour's-best-friend's-school-mates advice just might not be the best thing to do...


Click the button below, answer a few questions and, using your answers and my knowledge and understanding of who's who... I'll send you a short list of specialists I think would work best for you and your situation.


I'll even throw in a free half hour video chat to help explain my choices - win win!!


What people say

I met Lucy through family at a very sensitive and emotional time in our lives.

We had some difficulties getting pregnant, and at that stage we were seeing a specialist who was not helping us with our infertility issues.


Firstly Lucy got us in touch with the right specialist which turned our whole situation around.

We went from being in the depths of despair to feeling hopeful, and eventually the greatest joy in the world (twins).


Within this period I had weekly chats with Lucy to help understand and interpret what was going on.


Lucy's expert, honest, pragmatic, sensitive and often witty approach to this delicate situation helped us enormously.


I will forever remember the role Lucy played in helping us to have the family we wished for. 

Simon W

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Get In Touch

I like to meet in places where we feel comfortable - a local cafe, your home, or maybe a local park.  Taking the 'consultation' out of the consultation.  Enter your details below and I'll get in touch as soon as I can

Alternatively, you can call me on

0477 699 404



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