Is your child's future-fertility safe?

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Three Fertility Myths:


Myth 1: When I grow up, I will have a baby.

Having a baby doesn't always happen just because you want it to. 1 in 7 couples will need help specialist help with getting pregnant.


Myth 2: If I can't fall pregnant naturally, I'll have IVF.  

IVF treatment is not a magic bullet or an easy way to have a baby. It's stressful, time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally harrowing.


Myth 3: Celebrities have babies whenever they want to – I can too.

Not everyone on the cover of a magazine is open and honest about how difficult their pathway to parenthood has been.


As an embryologist, I've seen first-hand the lengths people go to financially and emotionally to create a family.


​And as a mother, I've experienced the rock-bottom lows of trying to conceive, the devastation of miscarriage, and things not happening exactly when you want them to.



When it comes to fertility, "What you don't know won't hurt you" couldn't be less true 


Many things can impact our fertility. Things like age, smoking, weight, or health conditions like PCOS can all affect our ability to conceive. Being aware of these factors means we can respond to them.


But how can we respond to factors we aren't aware of? 


Things like endocrine-disrupting chemicals in takeaway packaging, cleaning products, skincare, even sales receipts?


I'm convinced that my early exposure to EDCs contributed - at least in part - to my reproductive history. And I'm sure I could have avoided some of my pain could have if I had access to this information years ago. 


Tell me: 

  • Do you hope your kids will experience the joy of having children one day?

  • Are you worried about recent fertility statistics?

  • Was your pathway to parenthood more challenging or stressful than you hoped?

  • Is your child's future fertility really safe?




Is your child's future-fertility safe?

Get Protecting the Future Fertility of your Kids online class

Instant Access. Just AU$29.95


Inside Protecting the Future Fertility of your Kids, you'll learn:

  • The everyday behaviours that create a blueprint for your child's fertility

  • Six key health factors that can affect your or your child's fertility

  • What EDCs are and their impact on your child's future fertility

  • Myths about period health and early indicators of endometriosis

  • Common PCOS symptoms

  • The conversations you can have with your kids that can impact your chances of being a grandparent in the future

  • Our endocrine system and the common household chemicals that can disrupt its function

  • The link between EDCs and decreased egg and sperm quality, miscarriage, and cancer

  • 6 common disposable items that contain higher levels of EDCs

  • 7 simple fertility-boosting changes you can make to your kitchen food-prep habits

  • The six personal care habits putting your children's future-fertility at risk

  • Why Australians are less protected and informed about EDCs than our friends in Europe and the US

  • And more…



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Supporting your child's fertility future doesn't need to be complicated


I hope my daughter doesn't have to endure the pain of miscarriage, and that my son can father children if or when he wants to.  


​I hope my nieces and nephews gain enough general knowledge from me that'll put them in a position of empowerment with their fertility. That they know what's normal, what's not, and when to ask questions.


​​I created this class for young women and men, and the people who care for them so they can:

  • Understand their bodies

  • Feel proud of what their bodies can do and how they work,

  • Recognise when their systems aren't working as well as they could

  • Know where to turn for help when they need it

  • Be educated and empowered to protect their reproductive future


My research tells me that today's choices will affect our child's chances of being a parent – or you a grandparent – and that childhood is a critical time for our adult reproductive health.


The good news? Making positive changes doesn't have to be complicated – there are simple things you can do to support your child's fertility future.






Is your child's future-fertility safe?

Get Protecting the Future Fertility of your Kids online class

Instant Access. Just AU$29.95 

Protecting the Future Fertility of your Kids online class (50-minutes)


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