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As an embryologist I have seen first hand the lengths people will go to, both financially and emotionally, to create the family they dream of.

Sadly, it doesn't always happen just because you want it to.
As a mother, I have experienced the lows of trying to conceive and things not happening exactly when you want them to and I have experienced the devastation of miscarriage.

There are many things that impact our fertility,

some that are well known, like age,

some lesser known - like endocrine disrupting chemicals


With what I know now,

I feel like a lot of my early years exposure may have contributed at least in part

to my reproductive history

and perhaps some of my pain could have been avoided if only this information was available years ago!  

I really hope my daughter does not have to endure the pain of miscarriage,

and that my son is able to father children if and when he wants to - weird to think about now when he's only 2!!

but my research tells me that this childhood time is so so critical!

I hope my nieces and nephews have gained enough general knowledge from me over the years to put them in a position of empowerment when it comes to their fertility

and that they will know what is normal,

what is not

and WHEN to ask the questions


I truly believe the information in this masterclasses will put us all on the right pathway!

With this Masterclass, I hope to educate and empower young women and men and the people who care for them to understand their bodies,

to be proud of what their bodies can do, to know how they work, and how to protect their

reproductive future,

to recognise when their systems are not working as well as they could

and to know where to turn for help when they need it.  


People who view the masterclass will learn some really simple things they can change in their everyday lives that will have lifetime impacts on their fertility future.


Protecting the Future Fertility of your Kids

Watch The Masterclass now 

(50 minutes) 

Just $29.95

There are probably things you are doing right now that are impacting your kid's chances of being parents themselves one day...

Simple things, that are easy to change and could make all the difference.

Watch this online Masterclass now and find ways to improve your children's chances of being parents one day themselves


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