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Hope to have babies one day?

What you really need here is information, right?

How does it work, what do I need to be thinking about? should I freeze my eggs? How can I protect my future fertility?

The best place to start for all of that is with a bit of knowledge around Biology 101, getting to understand your fertility and all the stuff you missed (or that wasnt included!) in highschool health ed 

Then what you need is some information on leading a more fertile kind of life - looking after your hormones (which will also help you FEEL better, sleep better, eat better... just kind of *everything* better! AND it will help protect your lovely eggs so that they're ready to make a baby for you someday

eCourses & eBooks

eBook: Preparing for Conception

Filled with everything you need to know to prepare for conception (this means egg freezing too!)


eCourse: Fertility 101

The stuff you should have learned at school

and need to know BEFORE you freeze your eggs (but the fertility clinics wont tell you)


eCourse: Toxins and Fertility

The stuff you REALLY need to know to get better periods, protect your eggs and sperm and help to ensure a fertile future



Other Resources
(Podcasts and written articles)

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