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Once Off 1:1 Support

If only falling pregnant was like the birds and
the bees

Even if you can't remember year nine biology, you know how getting pregnant works in theory, right? but things don't always happen like they do in the movies! 


Maybe you're at the beginning of trying to conceive, and you need some extra guidance and troubleshooting to understand the processes... or perhaps you're already 3 IVF cycles in and wondering where to turn next...


You’re smart, right?  and it’s 2022… you can *learn* what you need to know, can't you?  


Sure, you could spend 1,782 hours with Dr Google, and YouTube’ing free fertility videos and interviews on YouTube, or you may even find a free webinars from a Fertility Clinic (and wade your way through the PR and marketing to find the bits that apply to you) …


*or* you could get individual, personalised, professional INDEPENDENT guidance and support - like your very own Dr Google!

In the 1 hour call, you will get my unique style of 'no-bullshit' coaching. 1 hour to answer your questions, and at the end you'll get the recorded session and any resources discussed sent straight to your inbox.

$250 for one hour


"We were feeling very lost and confused about our fertility concerns prior to meeting with Lucy. Since our first interaction, we felt like we were in good hands with an incredible resource to help us through the process and consider our options. 


We are so grateful for Lucy's time, advice and wonderful approach and would highly recommend Lucy to anyone feeling lost in their fertility journey."


"I honestly don’t think we would have got through our stim cycle as well mentally without your support. Knowing what was happening in my body, what to expect next and having access to you instead of google has been more valuable than I ever imagined. I don’t know how people get through IVF without your guidance and programs, because the clinic barely told us any of what you did!"


Questions You May Have...

- How much should I exercise whilst preparing for IVF treatment

- Why didn’t all my eggs fertilise

- How come all my embryos stopped developing on day 3

- They keep telling me my problem is ‘egg quality’ what does that mean?

- How many collections do I need to do to freeze my eggs?

- Should I do PGT?

- What is PGT?

- What’s the difference between PGTa and PGTm?

Want to work with Lucy ongoing?

The ongoing 1:1 includes:

  • Access to all of the Masterclasses

  • Access to the VIP group for the duration of your membership

  • Access to partner support

  • Help choosing a specialist

  • Weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with me (4 x one hour and 2 x half hour)

  • e-Book 'Preparing for Conception' full of all the information you need to Nurture, Nourish and Protect those 'raw materials' that are going to create your baby

  • Phone, text and email support whenever you need it for the duration of your membership


Two Lines Fertility Support means less stress, less confusion, and no more Dr. Google!

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