Choose a Specialist

It may not feel awesome that you've got to the point of needing to see a fertility specialist,

but it's great that you're taking steps towards that family you've been dreaming of!

Let's make sure this step is the right step...


Do you live in Melbourne?

Have you been to your GP

Have they said you're ready for a referral to see a Fertility Specialist?

 You just don't know WHO to see??

Fertility Specialists are human you know 🤭  

and just like all the other humans you've come across in your life, 

some appeal to some people more than others,

also, some specialise in particular things,

and some clinics have different policies for the ways they work...

taking your neighbours-best-friend's-school-mates advice just might not be the best thing to do.....


I can help you choose! 

This form collects your details and payment and then takes you to another page where all the important questions are.  Once you have submitted the second form, I will get back to you within 5 working days with a shortlist of Fertility Specialists that I think will be a good match for you

I'll even throw in a free half hour video chat to help explain my choices - win win!

If you don't live in Melbourne, or want to know what kinds of questions to ask for yourself - I have a short masterclass outlining some of the thinking behind choosing a specialist

You'll find it:

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