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Trying to find the best Fertility Specialist?


It's wonderful that you're taking steps towards the family you've been dreaming of.


But needing to see a fertility specialist mightn't feel awesome. It might feel disappointing, stressful, or disconcerting. For many, it feels downright confusing.

A fertility specialist is a gynaecologist who has chosen to sub-specialise in fertility.  They are always linked to a fertility clinic, but going to see a fertility specialist does NOT mean you'll be having IVF next month, it just means you're in the right place to gather the next bits of information you need to reach your goals


Less than 50% of patients referred to a fertility specialist end up having IVF!

Choosing a fertility specialist is the single most important step in this whole process.


Finding the RIGHT fertility specialist can increase your chances of conceiving, reduce your fertility treatment time, and minimise stress during what is an emotionally-charged experience.  

So, how do you choose the best fertility specialist?


Well, that depends.


  • Do you have any known conditions, like endometriosis or PCOS? 

  • Do you want a specialist who focuses on fertility, or who is also a gynaecologist or obstetrician?

  • Do you want to explore progressive yet unproven 'add-ons,' or are you likely to take a more conservative approach?

  • Do you have special cultural needs?

  • Will your fertility specialist need to speak a language other than English?

  • And what about their bedside manner? Straight shooting or a gently-gently approach?


"We had no idea about choosing a specialist when we first started... I know you are going to change lives!" - Sammi

One-time payment of AU$80.00

​N.B.:  I’m 100% independent and I don’t receive kickbacks or benefits for my recommendations. (This isn’t Aussie Home Loans!)  Having worked with most of these fertility specialists personally, all suggestions are based on my insider knowledge.

Hold up. Are you ready to find a fertility specialist?

Have you been to see your GP? Have they said you're ready for a referral to see a fertility specialist?

What if you had a shortlist of best-fit fertility specialists, based on your needs, preferences, and your unique situation? A shortlist that could eliminate the second-guessing or the time-wasting on wrong-fit specialists?


Better still, what if your Fertility specialist shortlist included a 30-minute video chat, reassuring you of the basis of my recommendations?


I know who's who in fertility.


And I'd love you to meet the best fertility specialist for you.  Someone who can address your concerns, fears, and questions – without creating more confusion.

Discover your best-fit fertility specialist in 3 easy steps


​Reduce the stress, confusion, and second guessing around choosing a fertility specialist in 3 easy steps:

  1. Hit the link below and select a time for your appointment

  2. Answer a simple questionnaire

  3. Follow the prompts to complete a one-time payment of AU$80.00

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