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Media and Podcasts

I am so honoured and grateful to have been featured in a number of media articles and on many podcasts.  Here are links to all the places you can find me


In this podcast I chatted to Robyn about all about the things that I think are important when you're choosing your fertility specialist - what kinds of questions should you ask and how do you filter through the PR and marketing to really find the 'one' for you.  You'll find the podcast here

The Egg Whisperer Show with Dr Aimee

It was so awesome to chat the the wonderful Dr Aimee on the egg whisperer show.  This chat was recorded in 2021 and we answered as many questions as we could get to in the hour.

You'll find it both on YouTube and as a Podcast

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 18.07.11.png

In this episode I mostly talked to Natalie and Kate about my passion project Future Fertility Safe - but we also covered being an embryologist, egg quality and egg health and the science of embryo growth.  You can find it here

Raw and Real BW.png

Raw and Real Podcast with Ashy Bines

I loved chatting with Ashy about all things fertility - Infertility, miscarriage and managing relationships.

Are you struggling to fall pregnant? Well it’s way more common that you think.  Fertility guide Lucy Lines has made it her mission to support women and couples on their fertility journey.

Find the podcast here (or search on your favourite podcast provider)

Baby Project article

In this article, journalist Margaret Ambrose talks all about what I do, and why she wishes my services had been available when she was embarking on her own journey of becoming a single mother by choice (SMBC).  You'll find the article here


Mamamia article

Have you ever felt like your fertile friends view you (and other childless women) with some kind of suspicion and fear?  In this article we discuss whether childless women have become the new enemy - (Handmaids Tale style)

you'll find it here

Herald Sun article

There’s a push to shake up sex education in schools across the country. But not everyone’s happy about it... (hint: I am one of the people who IS happy about it!!)

You'll find the article here

(unfortunately you need a subscription to read this one)

Melbourne Motherhood Logo.png

Podcast with Motherhood Melbourne

In this episode I share with Holly why I made the leap from embryologist to fertility educator and project manager. I speak about when to seek out professional help and provide great advice about how we can support our friends or family undergoing treatment. I also explain what secondary fertility is and why it occurs. And lastly, I share another offering that she’s really passionate about - Future Fertility Safe. This is where I love to educate and empower young women and men and the people who care for them to understand how to protect their reproductive future.  You can listen here

The Age article


I was lucky enough to be asked my opinion in this article about Lynn Burmeister's Fertility clinic in Melbourne. The headline of the article:  The Controversial fertility specialist putting the va-va-voom into IVF.  You'll find it here

Spoiler: There's no such things as 'the best' fertility specialist - just the best one FOR YOU

You Tube Chat with Your Fertility Haven

I loved this chat with Jennifer Robertson all about Sperm!

If you're looking for more info about semen analysis and sperm quality - go check out this chat here


Podcast with The Wellness Collective

This was my first ever experience of a podcast and I'm so fortunate I got to do it with the lovely girls from The Wellness Collective - Dr Nat Kringoudis and Cecilia Ramsdale.

"Fertility rates have been decreasing and embryologist and fertility educator Lucy Lines knows all to well the trials and tribulations of fertility and assisted conception.  From her years in the lab to now helping couples choose the best approach to their fertility, Lucy is passionate about helping you understand your fertility and that of your children too." Check it out here

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