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Achieving Parenthood

This book was a long time coming.  A collaboration I am so proud to be part of, bringing together individual stories of love, loss and triumph through the family building years.

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Available now!

My career as an embryologist spans over 20 years (so far!)  The first 10 years spent working clinically, in labs in Australia and Europe.  Over those years I saw and handled literally thousands of embryos and created hundreds (if not thousands) of families.

Building my own family was no where near as easy as I thought it would be, and I quickly discovered that although I had a post graduate diploma in reproductive science - wanting something and working hard towards it counted for nothing when it came to infertility!!

My chapter, Making Babies, is chapter one in this compilation of stories and takes you through all of those years of creating families for other people whilst struggling to build my own.

"They say everyone has a story; in the world of infertility, truer words have never been spoken. The fertility journey is often a lonely one to travel, and many people suffer in silence.

Achieving Parenthood breaks the silence.

Follow the heartfelt journeys of everyday people who bravely share their stories of miscarriage, infertility, adoption, stillbirth and infant loss, surrogacy and donor options. You will gain insight into infertility research from a doctor’s perspective and other fertility specialists who have also been through their own struggles.

Each story will provide you with the comfort of knowing you are not alone and there is always hope.


A collaboration book compiled of stories by Heather & Jessica Camarillo, Kelly Maree, Lucy Lines, Samantha Richardson, Briana Smith, Elizabeth Clements, Carly Edwards, Kate Mills-Nolan, Kirsty Ahearn, Pauline Harriden, Fiona Stark, Dr Gavin Stacks, Ocean Reeve and Kellie Harriden"

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