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5 things you should know, long before you are even THINKING about trying to conceive

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

1. How your cycle works

When is ovulation? How long is your cycle? How do you count it? What hormones are involved and how do they make you feel? How long should you bleed for? What's normal? what's normal FOR YOU?

2. How to look after your hormones

Hormones are affected by everything you do - and affect everything you do!

When you're feeling flat towards the end of your cycle - that's hormones!

When you're hungry? that's hormones!

When you're tired, sad, happy... it's ALL hormones!

Get to know what's normal for you, the normal ebbs and flows of your mood and how they might relate to your hormones. Thyink about your cycle and how you feel in the different phases. Did you know that you can influence those ebbs and flows by changing how you exercise, how you eat and how you nurture yourself?For example, when you're just about to get your period, it's really normal to feel like all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and eat all the fat, sugar and carbohydrates you can find - chips, take-away, burgers, chocolate - all the bad stuff... but actually, this only makes you feel worse.... What should you be eating? doing? How can you get through PMS? or maybe even avoid it?

And did you know there are such things as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and that they are literally EVERYWHERE?? They mimic your hormones, so your Real hormones cant work properly - which just throws Everything out of balance...

but there are simple ways to avoid them and significantly reduce your exposure!

(you can read this blog if you're interested in more info about EDCs: )

3. How to feed your body and keep it healthy

Did you know that 75% of your immune system is in your gut? keeping your gut micro-biome healthy and happy is big part of keeping yourself healthy and happy. Many fertility conditions are thought to arise from immune issues - PCOS and miscarriage amongst them.... How healthy is your gut microbiome and what can you do to keep it in tip-top shape?

4. How much age impacts fertility

How old is too old? Can you still have a baby at 37? 47? what about all those celebrities who seem to keep having babies? Won't IVF just 'fix it' ?

5. How to know when things aren't right and Who to ask for help

How will you recognise that things are quite right? Who will you turn to for help?

As an independent embryologist, fertility educator and IVF patient advocate, I love helping people to understand all the stuff and get all their ducks in a row ready for conception... and if it's taking too long, I love to help them find the absolute BEST medical professionals to help them. Want help choosing a fertility specialist? head to:



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