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Hi!  I'm Lucy

Everyone has questions when they learn you're an embryologist. 


I'm happy to oblige, after all, offering fertility guidance, advice, and support to friends - and friends of friends - is something I've done for over two decades. 

Why did I start Two Lines Fertility? – it's simple:  To get back to the business of making babies, not money for shareholders
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My Story

Hi! I'm Lucy and I'm an Embryologist.


Urgh, those years of trying to build our family were some of the toughest and loneliest I have been through. The constant cycle of hope and grief, the positive pregnancy tests that ended in heartbreak, the feeling of being so unsure if you know what you're doing, wondering if there is some secret you missed or some vital piece of information you don't know. 


Scouring the internet for someone who might know more, but constantly fearful that as soon as you mention infertility - the dollar signs seem to appear, and everyone is out for their pound of flesh. 


If you're in it now, I'm sure you will agree. 


I know. I've been there... despite my six years of university (including a Post Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Science) and my YEARS of experience as a clinical Embryologist... I still hit up google like nobody's business when things were taking too long!


I've also sat inside those IVF clinic's marketing meetings... I have sat there - ok, CRINGED there, whilst the business people discussed bottom lines and EBITDAs and shareholder dividends... I have sat there while they chastised certain doctors for not meeting their 'targets' for IVF cycles this month and watched them increase marketing attempts to increase the bottom line... It's fair to say I have a fairly healthy cynicism for the big business IVF clinics….


But as an Embryologist, I know how amazing this science is. 


I know the problems it solves, and I have seen first-hand the many wonderful families created using IVF –

did you know that there is at least one IVF conceived child in EVERY classroom in Australia?!


So, after I was made redundant from my GP education role at an IVF clinic... (they couldn't see the direct financial link between educating GPs and shareholder dividends – cue eye-roll!) I finally decided enough was enough… and I created Two Lines Fertility, where I offer INDEPENDENT fertility guidance and support (I get no kickbacks from anyone).


I call myself a Fertility Educator and an IVF Advocate, and my sole purpose is to help YOU find the information you're searching for, in the knowledge that it is science based, comes from a reputable source and from someone who isn't trying to sell you anything more. 


No supplements.


No special secrets.


No unnecessary IVF cycles.


I sell knowledge (and knowledge is POWER!).


I sell peace of mind and the comfort of knowing you're not the only one in this current shit-show… and that you CAN actually manage it.


My passion in life is to help YOU understand your body and to understand the overwhelming field of assisted conception, including IVF if you need it.


I come backed with over 20 years of experience in the fertility field – 12 years as a clinical Embryologist and global customer support Embryologist, 5 years in GP education and 5 years working one on one with women and couples, supporting their individual fertility journeys.


Over all those years, I have held millions of embryos and helped create thousands of families!


When I'm not supporting women to become Mums (and men to be Dads), you'll usually find me having a coffee with friends, acting as pre-school entertainment coordinator for my 5yo or sleeping (which is my super-power!)


Want to read more about my experience?  send me a message and I'll happily send you my CV :)


If you're looking for fertility support and guidance - get in touch!

If you are interested in collaborating - Let's connect!

+61 477 699 404

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