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Want to know the best way to choose your fertility specialist?


Liking and trusting your fertility specialist won’t just mean that your experience of fertility treatment will be less stressful. 

Choosing the right fertility specialist can mean a better outcome, sooner.

So, how do you choose the right fertility specialist for you? Should you base your decision on …

  • Their years of experience?

  • Their Reputation?

  • Location?

  • Wait-list time?

  • Their bedside manner? 

  • Your gut feel?

  • Something else?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Get Who and When to ask for Help video

Only AU$15

Instant Access. 18 minutes run time


18 minutes run time

The right support can make all the difference when you’re trying to conceive


Knowing what question to ask when choosing a fertility specialist won’t just make the process easier and quicker - it’ll help you to avoid wasting time or additional stress as a result of choosing the wrong specialist. 


In Who and When to Ask for Help I’ll share:​

  • Current statistics on infertility in Australia

  • When to ask for help

  • When to ignore the statistics and follow your gut instinct to seek help 

  • The timeframe Medicare use to determine that a diagnosis of infertility can be made

  • What a fertility project manager does and the obstacles they can help you overcome

  • Why help from a fertility specialist doesn’t always mean you’ll need to try IVF

  • Why choosing a fertility clinic before you decide on a fertility specialist can be a smart move

  • How the success of IVF can depend on the lab your specialists uses, not just the specialist 

  • And more


  • My list of ALL the right questions to ask when looking for a fertility specialist 

Wait! Are you looking for a Melbourne fertility specialist? 


Let me do the legwork for you! 

From more than 60 specialists I’ll create shortlist of 4 or 5 of the best fertility specialists for you and your situation. 

Complete the Help Me Choose a Specialist form hit ‘submit.’ 

​N.B.:  I’m 100% independent and I don’t receive kickbacks or benefits for my recommendations. (This isn’t Aussie Home Loans!)  Having worked with most of these fertility specialists personally, all suggestions are based on my insider knowledge.

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