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5 top tips to stay Healthy and Happy during Treatment

I have so many different strategies for helping you feel on top of things throughout your treatment and I pull out different ones depending on who the client is and what's going to be most useful for them... But here are 5 that I almost ALWAYS use:

  1. Plan something for AFTER your treatment - each treatment! Had an ultrasound? head out for lunch with a friend!. Had a nurse consult? take yourself for a speciali coffee and cake at that little cafe nearby before you race back to the hustle and bustle... let your brain distill the information you've received by sidetracking it with something else

  2. Sleep!! get HEAPS of it! Get yourself a new bedtime routine and Stick.To.IT!! Set yourself some new rules like:

    1. no phones in your bedroom (and no fertility related books either!)

    2. no screen time for an hour or so before bed

    3. finish eating at least an hour before you go to bed

    4. buy a new book (that isn't fertility related!) and read that for half an hour before you turn out your lights

    5. start a lovely new journal with some fancy new pens - start by just writing down 3 things you're grateful for each night before you go to sleep

  3. Meditate - however you do it, its beneficial.. download an app and do it every day. it could be that you take your meditation time differently - perhaps in the form of a walk on the beach, a yoga class, some reflexology, acupuncture... however you do it - get 3 -4 sessions per week of at least 45 minutes of calm brain space. This is going to take some practice, but you will feel SOOO much better for it

  4. Drink WATER! and that doesn't include the water in your coffee or tea or cordial. Buy yourself a new stainless steel or glass water bottle and refill it a few times during the day

  5. Plan something for AFTER your results are in.. so something a bit bigger than coffee with a friend... look at the dates and plan a night out, or a zoom party, or a weekend away or something you can really look forward to so that you're not focussing everything on that one date at the end of the dreaded two week wait - you can always cancel it if you're not up to it when the time comes.

If you're looking to feel confident and in control during your next treatment, check out my support bundles here:


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