What is IVF?

And is it right for you?

Hearing that you might need assistance to conceive is overwhelming


I know


Your first thought is probably - well, I'm not having IVF!

and I get that...

But what if you viewed the next steps as Information gathering, rather than treatment?

What if you knew more about your options, and you could make an informed decision about which step is right for you

What if you felt safe and supported and educated and most importantly in CONTROL of the next steps....

Think it's time to move on to a Fertility Specialist and maybe even IVF?

Even if you can't remember year nine biology, you know how getting pregnant works in theory - but things don't always happen like they do in the movies! 


You've been trying for a while, your GP has run out of tests to run, and now everything is telling you it's time to take the next step... but that's really scary!


Don't worry, you're not alone!


A referral to a fertility specialist at an IVF clinic rarely means you'll start IVF right away - in fact it doesn't have to mean that at all!  There are so many other options BEFORE IVF, and so many things you can do along the way that will mean that even if you DO end up having IVF - its going to be a whole lot easier to manage (and more likely to succeed that first time!)


This Getting Started with ART package is perfect for, well, taking that step! 

DID YOU KNOW… Less than 50% of women referred to a fertility specialist end up having IVF

Limited bookings available

Is IVF next? 3 month support package


What's included in the Getting Started for IVF package?

All the things you do, every day, have the potential to impact the health of your eggs and sperm.  and anything that impacts the health of your eggs and sperm, impacts the health of your embryos, you chances of conceiving (naturally AND with IVF) and the health of your baby at the end of it all​

​In this package we will

  • go in-depth into the things you can do to make sure that the raw ingredients for a baby (those eggs and sperm) are the best quality they can possibly be

  • Make sure you are in the most tip-top shape you can be - mentally and physically, before you start

  • Make sure you feel empowered, educated and informed as you head into your first treatment cycle

How does the Getting Started for IVF package work?

Step One: 1 x 30 minute chat - 'where are we at?'

We'll start with a face-to-face consultation (via Zoom these days) to establish your 'story', your current situation and what you've done so far.  This is your opportunity to get to know me, and for me to get to know you!

If you've had some tests done already - bring these along and Ill walk you through them so you understand exactly where you're at, and WHY taking that next steps might be the right thing to do

​From there I will create a personalised pack of information highlighting tips and tricks that may include:

  • Diet, health, and exercise to help balance your hormones and optimise your egg and sperm health

  • 10 tips to avoiding things that mess with your hormones (and therefore, your fertility)

  • Possible tests your GP can request (and which ones are a waste of time) BEFORE you meet with your fertility specialist

I'll send you

  • a link to join the VIP group on facebook (you get 3 months access) and

  • codes for access to the eLearning modules:

Step Two: 1 x 60 minute chat 'what more can we do?'

We'll meet again and go through all the information you have received, including:


  • Walking step by step through the information I have sent to you and identifying the things that will help

  • Answering any questions that you have after reading the information I have sent and watching the e-courses

  • Finding problems you can solve without specialist support - things to do more of and less of

  • Discussing if there is someone else you should see in the meantime: GP? Dietitian? Naturopath? 

Step Three: 1 x 60 minute 'what is ART?' chat  (this could take 2 calls)

It's time to explore what might happen in your initial consultation with a fertility specialist and what kinds of treatment you might be offered - and what they all mean

  • ART

  • OI

  • TSI

  • IUI

  • IVF

  • ICSI

  • PGS


What do all of those acronyms mean and how do you work out what might be best for you and why

Step Four: 1 x 60 minute 'where to from here' chat

I can help you consider who or where to turn to next. 

  • Which fertility specialist might be best suited to you, what kinds of questions you should ask when you're looking for your perfect fit

  • How long you should continue trying before seeking extra help

Limited bookings available

is IVF next? 3 month support package


Your Getting Started with ART package includes:

  • 3 Scheduled face-to-face chats (or via video chat) (normally $180 each)

  • Email or phone/text/DM support during business hours as needed between our zoom chats

  • Your own personal 'pack' of information containing things you can do to improve your chances on that first cycle ($150)

  • 2 EXTRA zoom chats - Explanation of all of the treatment options that might be available to you ($360)

  • 1 x phone consultation with your GP and/or a fertility specialist on your behalf ($100)

  • Access to the Two Lines Fertility online VIP membership group for 3 months ($135)

  • Access to the Why Aren't we pregnant yet Masterclass parts 1 and 2 (eLearning modules) ($100)

  • Access to the Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Fertility Masterclass (eLearning module) ($50)

  • If appropriate, Research and guidance on your best-fit fertility specialist (if necessary) ($49)

That's over $1000 value!